Aviro Moth Repellent for Wardrobes – 6 Moth Killer Hangers with Natural Lavender Scent. Highly Effective Moth Killer for Wardrobes, Drawers and Clothes Storage. Easy to Use Moth Repellent for Clothes


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  • STOP MOTHS RUINING YOUR FAVOURITE CLOTHES – quick and easy to use moth repellent for wardrobes clothes and drawers. Simply hang these clothes moth killers on your clothes hangers wardrobe rail or pop in your laundry bag to stop problems with clothes moths. Also can be used as moth killer for drawers drawer fresheners and storage boxes to protect your garments and prevent any clothes moth infestations
  • ALWAYS KNOW WHEN TO REPLACE EACH HANGER – these clothes moth traps have a handy end of life indicator. Each hanging moth killer covers around 0.25 cubic metres and provides effective moth treatment for up to 3 months. Depending on use these 6 hangers will give you up to 18 months use
  • FRESH LAVENDER FRAGRANCE PROTECTS AND PERFUMES – whilst the hanging moth repellant does its work the lavender-scented moth catcher freshens wardrobes and ensures your clothes remain naturally scented. No unpleasant overpowering smells from these vapour releasing lavender moth repellent wardrobe fresheners
  • CERTIFIED MOTH PROTECTION FOR CLOTHES – these anti moth products provide safe long-lasting protection against clothes moths. Wrapped in a transfluthrin film which releases vapour for the life of the product which kills all stages of the clothes moth insect including the eggs and larvae. Unlike a pheromone moth trap these are ideal moth traps to leave in an enclosed space without the need for trapping. Use within wardrobes to protect and prevent infestation
  • UK MADE QUALITY ASSURED – our innovative insecticide solutions are made at a leading UK facility and sold around the world. With years of experience and strict quality controls you can rest assured your new moth control products are fully regulated BPR approved and certified to the highest of standards